Chief Pontiac - Native American History Poster



Chief Pontiac was an Odawa war chief known for his role in the war named for him : "Pontiac's War." From 1763 to 1766 he led Native Americans in an armed struggle against the British in the Great Lakes region. He is known for influencing a movement that expanded beyond his involvement, and credit is also given to multiple chiefs and war leaders across several Tribes that also participated in the uprising.

Some felt he claimed more authority than a Chief traditionally was permitted, and in his final years his authority was diminished. There can be no doubt, however, that he was a leader of immense influence and that he was a central figure in defense of the Odawa and other Tribe's homelands.

This Notable Native American History Poster Series is meant to educate individuals on the important Native American Historical Figures that have paved the way for American Indians and others today by being involved in political issues, science, and other important academia in our society today. 

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