Laura Cornelius Kellogg - Native American History Poster



Laura Cornelius Kellogg was a leader, author, orator, activist and visionary. She spent her life as a spokesperson and leading figure , arguing for tribal sovereignty, land claims and cultural renaissance. She was a founder of the Society of American Indians. She was a descendant of several Chiefs. Highly educated, she lived and traveled in several European countries and across the United States, fighting for local Tribes and diving into whatever cultures surrounding her. Her advocacy for Native peoples led her to be called the "Indian Joan of Arc." During her support of women's suffrage, she noted: ""It is a cause of astonishment to us that you white women are only now, in this twentieth century, claiming what has been the Indian woman's privilege as far back as history traces." She also wrote Our Democracy and the American Indian. Her advocacy and strong words led her to be hindered by accusations of misuse of funds or agitation. Her positions created divisions and often alienated government figures who found her approaches abrasive. Nevertheless, Kellogg was a powerhouse and relentless believer in speaking truth and defending Native peoples.

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