Little Turtle - Native American History Poster



Little Turtle is one of the most famous Native American military leaders of all time. In the 1790s, Mihšihkinaahkwa led a confederation of native warriors to several major victories against U.S. forces in the Northwest Indian Wars, sometimes called "Little Turtle's War", particularly St. Clair's defeat in 1791, wherein the confederation defeated General Arthur St. Clair, who lost 900 men in the most decisive loss by the U.S. Army against Native American forces. He fought on the side of the British up until their defeat in the American Revolutionary War, and continued to defend Miami and other Native Nation's territories after the Americans created the "Northwest Territory." Eventually Little Turtle determined that peace was the only way forward for Native people, and he traveled frequently east to meet with several US presidents.

Little Turtle was a highly respected Native American military leader, making him an iconic American Indian Historical Figure who had made a major impact in the beginning of our democracy as a nation.

This Notable Native American History Poster Series is meant to educate individuals on the important Native American Historical Figures that have paved the way for American Indians and others today by being involved in political issues, science, and other important academia in our society today. 

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