Lyda Conley - Native American History Poster



Lyda Conley was the first Native American woman to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court . She was also the first woman admitted to the Kansas Bar Association. Her case appears to be the first in which "a plaintiff argued that the burying grounds of Native Americans were entitled to federal protection." At the heart of the case was her Tribe's  The Huron Indian Cemetery, which was under threat of purchase for development. She spent her entire life defending the cemetery, and is buried there.

Lyda Conley was not only an incredible influence on Native American society, but also a very important figure in women's history in the United States. Lyda Conley was a direct descendant of the Wyandotte tribe or more commonly known as the Huron Tribe from Kansas.

This Notable Native American History Poster Series is meant to educate individuals on the important Native American Historical Figures that have paved the way for American Indians and others today by being involved in political issues, science, and other important academia in our society today. 

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