Sophia Alice Callahan - Native American History Poster



Sophia Alice Callahan was a Native American novelist and teacher. Her novel, Wynema, A Child of the Forest (1891) is thought to be the first novel written by a Native American woman. Her novel was also the first to written and published in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Her book was called a "reform novel," identifying many wrongs suffered by Native Americans in United States society. 

Sophia Alice Callahan was American and Muscogee (Creek) American Indian, she last worked for the Indian Mission Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. She had returned to Wesleyan Female Institute to get a college degree, in order to open her own school in the Creek Nation making her a nationally known Native American Historical Figure.

This Notable Native American History Poster Series is meant to educate individuals on the important Native American Historical Figures that have paved the way for American Indians and others today by being involved in political issues, science, and other important academia in our society today. 

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