The North American Indian (20 Vol. Set)

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by Edward S. Curtis
Complete 20 Volume Set

This twenty volume set covers detailed tribal histories and languages of many of the Tribal Nations. The entire set contains over 1,500 pictures that offer visual enhancement to the expertly written text.

NOTE: Individual volumes are available for purchase at $95.00 each. 

Product Details:
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Volumes: 20
  • Pages: 6,568
  • Illustrations: Over 1,500
  • Author: Edward S. Curtis
  • Published: 2015
  • Original Publication Year: 1930
  • Page Size: 8.5 in X 11 in
  • ISBN-10: 0403093759
  • ISBN-13: 9780403093756

List of Tribes Covered by Volume:
  1. The Apache. The Jicarillas. The Navajo
  2. The Pima. The Papago. The Qahatika. The Mohave. The Yuma. The Maricopa. The Walapai. Havasupai. The Apache Mohave, or Yavapai
  3. The Teton Sioux. The Yanktonai. The Assiniboin
  4. The Apsaroke, or Crows. The Hidatsa
  5. The Mandan. The Arikara. The Atsina
  6. The Piegan. The Cheyenne. The Arapaho
  7. The Yakima. The Klickitat. Salishan tribes of the interior. The Kutenai
  8. The Nez Percés. Wallawalla. Umatilla. Cayuse. The Chinookan tribes
  9. Salishan tribes of the coast. The Chimakum and the Quilliute. The Willapa
  10. The Kwakiutl
  11. The Nootka. The Haida
  12. The Hopi
  13. The Hupa. The Yurok. The Karok. The Wiyot. Tolowa and Tututni. The Shasta. The Achomawi. The Klamath
  14. The Kato. The Wailaki. The Yuki. The Pomo. The Wintun. The Maidu. The Miwok. The Yokuts
  15. Southern California – Shoshoneans, The Diegueños, Plateau Shoshoneans, The Washo
  16. The Tiwa. The Keres
  17. The Tewa. The Zuñi
  18. The Chipewyan. The Western woods Cree. The Sarsi
  19. The Indians of Oklahoma. The Wichita. The southern Cheyenne. The Oto. The Comanche. The Peyote cult
  20. The Alaskan Eskimo. The Nunivak Eskimo of Hooper Bay. Eskimo of King island. Eskimo of Little Diomede island. Eskimo of Cape Prince of Wales. The Kotzebue Eskimo. The Noatak. The Kobuk, The Selawik.