American Indian Reservations Map with Reservation Names - Plus Traditional Names

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This map shows the boundaries of the current 326 reservations, as well as all of the Tribal jurisdictional areas of Oklahoma and state reservations of the East Coast. It shows the traditional tribal names of the Tribes who wound up on each reservation. Roughly 3% of the lower contiguous United States are still held by American Indian Nations.

Note: This map has been updated due to the McGirt vs. Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling. Oklahoma now has 6 official Indian reservations . The Court asserted that the reservations of the Creek, Choctaw, Cherokee, Seminole and Chickasaw were never legally dissolved. Jurisdiction over legal matters within the jurisdictions of these Tribe's reservations has been modified to allow Tribe's more sovereignty within their boundaries. Officially, there are 39 Tribes within Oklahoma, and descendants of well over 100 Tribes.

McGirt v. Oklahoma (2020) was a landmark United States Supreme Court case which ruled that, as pertaining to the Major Crimes Act, much of the eastern portion of the state of Oklahoma remains as Native American lands of the prior Indian reservations of the Five Civilized Tribes, never disestablished by Congress as part of the Oklahoma Enabling Act of 1906.

Tribal Nations Maps & Indigenous Peoples Resources acknowledges this landmark case, and applauds the Court's decision. Therefore, we have updated our maps.