Native American Tribes Map Poster [2023 Version] (Indigenous Peoples/American Indian Tribal Map)

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Native American / American Indian Map - 24"x36" Poster, Wall Map, Wall Art, Wall Décor


Native American Map Description & Background

The Native American / American Indian Map Poster is the first to document the true names and original pre-contact locations of every documented Native American Tribal Nation in what is now the contiguous United States of America. We seek to honor all Native American tribes and Indigenous Peoples, by including the larger, well-known Native American tribes as well as many that did not survive the effects of European genocide and disease. Most of the Native American tribal names are the correct names used to call themselves in their own languages. The only exception are for those tribes whose languages were never documented. This wall map / poster is a visual reminder of who called this land home for tens of thousands of years before any European set foot and creates a sense of pride for modern-day Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples as well as educating the non-Native public. To Native Americans, this land will always be our ancestral homeland.

The Native American Tribal Nations map is a great educational resources and piece of wall art that fits in any classroom, school hallway, library and office. 

NOTE: We sincerely apologize if using the term "Indian" or "American Indian" (rather than Native American or Indigenous People) offends anyone. Unfortunately, people and educators still use those terms when searching for educational resources like this map and without using those terms in our product titles and descriptions, we'd struggle to reach educators and customers online.