Native American Map of Tribal Nations & Tribal Languages - Poster/Wall Map

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Native American Tribal Nations & Languages Map - Purpose & Background

NOTE: This Native American tribal nations map is produced using a different set of sources and is different from the other series of maps on our website, Native American Tribes Map and the associated state tribal maps.

The purpose of our Native American Tribal Nations & Languages Map is to document the names and pre European contact locations of Native American Tribal Nations across what is now the contiguous United States of America. 

This Native American map is intended to create a sense of pride for modern-day Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples and to educate the non-Native public of the rich history of the original inhabitants and stewards of America. For Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples of America, this land will always be our ancestral homeland.

Indigenous Peoples Resources seeks to honor all Native American tribes and Indigenous Peoples, by including not just the well-known Native American tribes, but also the many tribes and tribal nations that did not survive the effects of European genocide and disease.

Content of the Native American / American Indian/ Indigenous Peoples of America Map

The content of this map is comprised from the work of many historians, educators and archivists that have worked tirelessly to preserve the history of Indigenous Peoples around the world. This map is a visual reminder of who called this land home for tens of thousands of years before any European set foot and to provide a reference for the location of each tribe. Tribal languages have been included to help identify cultural ties between many of the tribal nations that lived in the same or neighboring regions. In many cases, information regarding the original names, locations and tribal languages of Native Americans can be difficult to find and historians continue to document new information and this map is a reflection of the most current information we were able to find.

Artistic Native American Map Poster / Wall Map / Wall Decor for the Classroom, Library, Office, Hallway & Home

Our Native American Tribal Nations & Tribal Languages Map Poster is a great educational resources and piece of wall art that fits in any classroom, school hallway, library and office. The map design was intended to not only provide valuable information to students of all ages, from kindergarten through high school and college/university, but also to serve as an artistic piece of Native American decor that fits well in any office or home. Share a photo of where and how you used your Native American Tribal Nations & Languages Map and we'll share it with our online audience to help promote the important information contained in this map.

Native American Tribal Nations & Tribal Languages Map Sizes, Options & Print Quality

Currently, our Native American Tribal Nations & Languages Map is available in two sizes -- 36"x24" and 52"x35". You also have the option of getting your map laminated for an additional $26 per map. These maps are a high quality print, printed on 9 millimeter matte photo paper.

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