First Nations Peoples of British Columbia Map

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This map is designed to illustrate the rich diversity of the First Nations Peoples of British Columbia. Like all maps, it is a rendition - a best attempt at reflecting a current reality, recognizing that "the map is not the territory".

A variety of sources have been used as guides, including the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs June 1993 map entitles "Sovereign Indigenous Nations Territorial Boundaries", and the map entitled "Traditional Territories of British Columbia First Nations as set out by Statements of Intent accepted by the B.C. Treaty Commission". The boundaries between territories are deliberately shown as blending into one another, in recognition of the complex territorial relationships involved. Many boundary overlaps are currently being negotiated by the First Nations as part of the B.C. Treaty Process. Names and pronunciations used on this map are as close as possible to those currently used by the First Nations (*please note the explanation for Coast Salish).

This map is intended to be an educational tool. Educators and First Nations people are encouraged to work together in interpreting the map, and incorporating new information to it.