Horse, Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship

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Horse, Follow Closely begins with an analysis of how horses came to live with the Natives of North America and their impact on Native life. The crux of relationship training is to understand "what it means to be a horse, react like a horse, and relate to other things like a horse." Native Americans were able to create such strong relationship with horses in a short time because they understood that "a horse is a horse." Learning to balance the relationship between horse and human is the missing link to becoming a masterful horseman or horsewoman.

The book describes not only the techniques involved for relationship training but also the belief system and attitude that must be applied to all methods of horsemanship. In addition to presenting the methods and philosophy of relationship training, Horse, Follow Closely includes stories and legends of Native Americans and their horses, all of which can teach you something new about yourself and your relationship with your horse.

Build a bond with your horse, and grow to understand one another, with the help of Horse, Follow Closely. 2006. Pony Boy, Gawani, Paperback.