Naadaa' Doo Nadaa' Ch'iyaan: Healthy Foods - My First Book About Corn (Dine bizaad bihoosh'aah!) (Volume 2) (Navajo Edition)

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Corn is the most important Diné (Navajo) food and also very healthy and nutritious. It is sacred to the Diné and is used in ceremonies and prayers. Using genuine and delightful photos, that reflect Navajo culture, the book introduces children to 12 traditional Navajo foods made with corn and teaches them their names in the Navajo language. This book also teaches children about the colors of corn and helps them to recognize all parts of the corn plant in Diné Bizaad. An English translation for the Navajo language vocabulary of colors, parts of corn and foods is included. Originally created to teach Navajo children about corn and corn–related vocabulary, it is also a great introduction for non–Native children to this important food source.

Paperback. 2016.