Native American Recipes: Your Cookbook of Traditional, Healthy Dish Ideas

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Unless you grew up with a family who is Native American, you might only think about their foods as the dishes served around Thanksgiving time, like turkey, sweet potatoes and corn.

If you like spicier foods, your mind may wander to their Southwestern fare, which includes fried beans, tortillas and chili peppers. These modern recipes trace their roots back to Native Americans, although most have been customized to a degree for the different types of taste palettes found in America today.

The types of ingredients you’ll be using in your recipes depend on those found commonly in the diverse dishes of native American culture. These dishes come from many locations, from the warm areas of Arizona and New Mexico to the coldest reaches in northern Alaska.

This cookbook includes dishes from all over the area once inhabited by the original residents of America. The ingredients grew naturally in various areas, many years back. Read on, and learn to make dishes that harken back to the history of the country.

Paperback. 2020. Allen, Allie.