Native People of North America for Kids - through the lives of their chiefs and heroes (History for Kids - Traditional, Story-Based Format)

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A book about the native inhabitants of North America as represented by the most prominent figures of their history. This is traditional biography, accurately portraying the character and historical contribution of each figure, while keeping the narrative free of labels or interpretations that 'take sides.'

The facts - words and actions of this book's heroes - are entirely enough to deliver a vivid picture of the difficult and often tragic history of the native North Americans since the arrival of the Europeans. No blameful tone or focus on victimhood at the expense of the perseverance, resourcefulness, commitment to their roots, and heroism of the native peoples, and their leaders.

Our sources are mainly memoirs of the actual participants of the historical events described, plus early (mostly 19th-century) biographies, and some modern academic writings. I did not include facts that may be perceived by kids as gruesome or disturbing. I also avoided going into the details of historical battles, focusing rather on the human aspects - the people whose decisions resulted in war, peace, or change.
Paperback. 2022. Fet, Catherine,