Patawomek Tribal Flag (Native American Flag)

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Patawomek Tribal Flag (Native American Tribal Flag)

Reinforce Native American History & Indigenous Peoples Pride by Flying a Patawomek Tribal Flag

Fly your Patawomek Tribal Flag and display your Native American pride! Tribal flags of Indigenous Peoples are unique windows into the history, culture, and art of the Native Americans.Tribal flags of Indigenous Peoples are unique windows into the history, culture, and art of the Native Americans.

Patawomek Tribal Flag Make Great Additions to Homes, Classrooms, Libraries & Offices

Tribal members, Indigenous Peoples/Native American history educators and librarians are looking to display their tribal nation’s flag both outside and inside their buildings. Tribal flags create an awareness of Native American history and reinforces Native American pride among students and educators. Our Native American tribal flags come in multiple sizes up to 3 ft x 5 ft and are made of high-strength premium polyester, with grommets.

Patawomek Tribal Flag Posters | Native American Flag Poster

Looking for a smaller, less expensive flag to hang inside the classroom, library, office or home?

We offer Native American, Indigenous Peoples and Native American flags in the form of an 11 in x 16 in poster, which makes for a great addition to classroom décor, classroom bulletins and for classroom lessons/activities.

Patawomek Tribal Flag Product Details

  • Made of high-quality, UV fade resistant, polyester material
  • High quality printing with vibrant colors
  • Flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes header and grommets for easy fastening to flag poles
  • Our Native American flags available in multiple sizes: 2 ft x 3 ft, 3 ft x 5 ft
  • Most Native American flags are available as double-sided flags in the 3 ft x 5 ft flag size
  • Most Native American flags are also available as an 11 in x16 in poster