Sleepdancer: The Mysteries of Death

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Drama - Independent - Written by Rodrick Pocowatchat -Sleepdancer follows Derek Smith (Mark Wells), a half-Native American coroner's investigator, as he stumbles upon the mysterious Tommy Jordan (Rodrick Pocowatchit), a Native man whose father has just passed away. Tommy is vulnerable and doesn't speak. Through a series of letters, Derek unravels Tommy's story, and becomes infatuated with helping him while his own relationship crumbles.Sleepdancer is about love, loss and fractured family. Great for all audiences. SELECT AWARDS - OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2007 Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, 2006 First Nations Film & VIdeo Festival, Chicago, 2006 Sami Intl. Film Festival, Norway, 2006 Comanche Nation Film Festival, OK, 2006 Native Voice Film Festival.