Thirteen Colonies Tribal Nations Map

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Europeans arrived to what is now New England beginning in the early 1600's. The Native Peoples they met numbered at least 3 million in this region, divided into over 300 uniquely-identified Nations, Tribes, bands and sub-cultures. Multiple confederacies existed throughout the area. Within 150 years of European arrival -due to genocide, disease and displacement- these original 3 million-or-so Peoples dwindled down to around 150,000, while the non-Native population reached 2.4 million.

Over time, this region was split up into thirteen colonies. These colonies were controlled by England until independence was declared by the self-coined 'Americans.' After the Revolutionary War, these colonies became names of modern U.S. states. Although most of the Native peoples original to this region were decimated, many of their descendants live there still today. Multiple federally-recognized and state-recognized Tribes retain part of their original homeland, as well as other descendant groups. Many descendants also live in the Caribbean, where their ancestors were taken as slaves. Some also live in Oklahoma or Canada, having fled or been sent on journeys far away. Struggles for recognition, religious rights and cultural resurgence continue. To many Native peoples today, New England and the Thirteen Colonies remain first and foremost their land.